The #Jesusismyhashtag Podcast is where positive youth development and youth ministry intersect. As the host, I tap into my 27 years of training and experience in working with young people to discuss building relationships with youth, helping them explore and grow in their faith, and strategies for guiding them as they develop the skills and abilities necessary to transition successfully through adolescence and into adulthood. Whether you are a youth ministry volunteer, a youth pastor, teacher, coach, parent—well really any caring adult–this podcast is for you! Tune in each week for encouragement, resources and strategies to assist you in helping young people make Jesus their hashtag.

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One more thing…I firmly believe that all people who have a role in the lives of young people are a youth worker. Why is this important to me? I believe our passion for helping young people to grow and transition successfully throughout adolescence and into adulthood is a ministry field. It’s one that constantly gives us opportunity to learn along side the young people we serve or are raising. And, for me, by naming it, I am acknowledging that the work you do is critical in the lives of young people.

As always, keep showing up & keep caring!