I’m a Life Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

Life coaching. Parenting encouragement and resources. Training in positive youth development.

Where are you on your journey?

Whether you’re a youth pastor, parent or volunteer, really any caring adult, we are here to help!

I have years of experience in working with youth but I need a fresh perspective and new ways to engage.

Our team will work with you to assess where you have been and offer new ways of connecting with youth that is tied to their development.

I am a parent of a teenager and I am looking for encouragement and resources to strengthen our relationship.

We develop resources and host a podcast that offers encouragement and practical strategies that would benefit you as a parent.

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I am new to volunteering or working with young people and want to soak up as much information as possible.

Welcome to the amazing ministry of serving youth. We offer training in youth development and best practices for working with young people.

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What would it mean for you to be able to help young people grow key life skills?

This FREE Resource can help you do just that!

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